Fast Scanner for Android

Fast Scanner for Android

Introducing the Fast Scanner app for Android. Are you tired of wasting time struggling to scan important documents? With our app, you can effortlessly scan any document with your Android device. Whether it’s a contract, invoice, or receipt, our Fast Scanner is here to make your life easier.

No more bulky scanners or complicated software. Our Fast Scanner app is designed to be sleek, user-friendly, and incredibly efficient. Simply download the app, open it, and start scanning. It’s that easy!

With our Fast Scanner app, you can:

  • Scan documents quickly: Say goodbye to waiting in long lines or dealing with slow scanners. Our app can scan your documents in seconds, saving you time and frustration.
  • Scan documents easily: Our intuitive interface allows you to scan documents with just a few taps. No technical expertise required!
  • Save and organize your scans: Keep your scanned documents organized and easily accessible. You can create folders, rename files, and even search for specific documents.
  • Share your scans instantly: Need to send a scanned document to someone? Our app allows you to share your scans via email, messaging apps, or cloud storage services.

Don’t let document scanning be a chore. Download Fast Scanner for Android today and experience the ease and convenience of scanning documents on the go!

Why Choose Our Fast Scanner for Android?

If you are an Android user looking for a fast and efficient way to scan documents, look no further. Our Fast Scanner for Android is the perfect solution for all your scanning needs. Here’s why:

1. Easy to Use

1. Easy to Use

Our Fast Scanner for Android is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it incredibly easy to use. Whether you are a novice or an experienced user, you can quickly scan your documents with just a few taps on your Android device.

2. Fast and Reliable

As the name suggests, our Fast Scanner for Android is incredibly fast and reliable. It uses advanced scanning technology to quickly capture high-quality scans of your documents, ensuring that you can quickly and easily access and share them whenever you need.

Additionally, our Fast Scanner for Android is optimized to work seamlessly on all Android devices, ensuring that you can enjoy fast and reliable scanning no matter what device you are using.

3. Advanced Features

Our Fast Scanner for Android comes packed with advanced features to enhance your scanning experience. With options like automatic edge detection, document enhancement, and multi-page scanning, you can easily customize and enhance your scans to suit your needs.

Furthermore, our Fast Scanner for Android allows you to save your scanned documents in various formats, including PDF and JPEG, giving you the flexibility to choose the format that works best for you.

Don’t settle for a subpar scanning experience. Choose our Fast Scanner for Android and enjoy a fast, reliable, and feature-rich scanning experience right at your fingertips! Try it now!

High-Speed Scanning

With Fast Scanner for Android, you can experience high-speed scanning like never before. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that your documents are scanned quickly and easily, allowing you to digitize your paperwork in a matter of seconds.

Efficient and Time-Saving

Efficient and Time-Saving

Fast Scanner is specifically designed to meet the demands of busy professionals. Whether you are a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or someone who deals with a high volume of paperwork on a daily basis, our app will revolutionize your document management process.

By utilizing the power of Android and business software, Fast Scanner streamlines the scanning process, eliminating the need for clunky scanners or external devices. This means that you can scan important documents on-the-go, increasing productivity and saving valuable time.

Convenient and User-Friendly

Fast Scanner is incredibly user-friendly, making it accessible to everyone. The intuitive interface allows you to effortlessly scan documents with just a few taps, ensuring a seamless experience every time.

Our document management software enables you to easily organize and categorize your scanned documents, making them readily available whenever you need them. No more struggling to locate important paperwork or wasting precious time searching through stacks of documents – Fast Scanner has got you covered.

Don’t let the burden of paperwork slow you down. Download Fast Scanner for Android today and experience the power of high-speed scanning at your fingertips.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Easy-to-Use Interface

The Fast Scanner for Android app offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that makes scanning documents a breeze. With just a few simple taps, you can turn your Android device into a powerful and efficient scanning tool.

The clean and minimalist design of the interface ensures that you can quickly navigate through the app and access all the features with ease. Whether you are a tech-savvy user or new to document scanning, the user-friendly interface makes it simple for anyone to use.

Effortless Document Scanning

Effortless Document Scanning

Thanks to the easy-to-use interface, scanning documents has never been easier. Simply open the app, position your device over the document, and tap the scan button. The app will automatically detect the edges of the document and capture a high-quality image.

With the Fast Scanner for Android app, you can scan documents of various sizes, including receipts, invoices, contracts, and more. The app supports multiple scan modes, allowing you to choose between color, black and white, or grayscale scanning.

Organize and Manage Your Scans

Organize and Manage Your Scans

Once you have scanned your documents, the app provides a range of features to help you organize and manage your scans. You can easily create folders to categorize your scans, add tags for easy searching, and rename or delete scans as needed.

Additionally, the app offers integrated cloud storage support, allowing you to upload your scans to popular cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox. This ensures that your scans are securely backed up and easily accessible from any device.

Overall, the Fast Scanner for Android app’s easy-to-use interface makes it a top choice for individuals and professionals looking for a fast and reliable document scanning solution. Download the app today and experience the convenience of scanning documents quickly and easily on your Android device.

Advanced Document Editing

Advanced Document Editing

With Fast Scanner for Android, you can not only scan your documents quickly and easily, but also have advanced document editing options right at your fingertips. Whether you need to make minor tweaks or extensive changes to your scanned documents, our app has got you covered.

With the intuitive editing tools, you can easily crop, adjust the brightness and contrast, and rotate scanned documents to make them look perfect. The powerful image processing algorithm ensures that your edited documents retain their quality and clarity.

Additionally, Fast Scanner for Android allows you to annotate your scanned documents. Whether you want to highlight important points, underline key information, or add custom notes, our app provides you with the tools to do so. You can choose from various colors and brush sizes to make your annotations stand out.

Furthermore, our app supports text recognition for scanned documents. This feature allows you to convert your scanned documents into editable text. Whether you need to extract information from a printed document or make changes to a scanned text file, our text recognition tool makes it a breeze.

Fast Scanner for Android also offers seamless integration with cloud storage services, allowing you to easily save and access your edited documents anywhere, anytime. Whether you use Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other cloud storage service, you can effortlessly sync your documents and never worry about losing them.

Experience the convenience and power of advanced document editing with Fast Scanner for Android. Take your document scanning and editing to the next level with our feature-rich app. Download it now and unlock the full potential of your Android device!

Cloud Storage Integration

Cloud Storage Integration

Our Fast Scanner for Android is not just a powerful document scanning app, it also offers seamless integration with popular cloud storage platforms. With our app, you can easily and securely save your scanned documents to the cloud, ensuring that you always have access to your important files, no matter where you are.

Our app is compatible with a wide range of cloud storage services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Simply connect your preferred cloud storage account to our app, and you’ll be able to directly save your scanned documents to the cloud with just a few taps. No more hassle of manually transferring files or worrying about losing important documents.

Efficient Document Management

Efficient Document Management

By utilizing cloud storage integration, our Fast Scanner for Android makes it incredibly convenient to manage your documents. With the ability to save your scans directly to the cloud, you can easily organize and categorize your files, making it a breeze to locate specific documents when needed.

Furthermore, our app also allows you to collaborate with colleagues and clients by easily sharing your scanned documents via the cloud. Whether you need to send an important contract, invoice, or receipt, you can seamlessly share it with just a few clicks, saving you time and effort.

Our fast and efficient android business software, coupled with integrated cloud storage capabilities, ensures that your document management process is streamlined and secure.

Secure and Reliable

We understand the importance of keeping your sensitive business documents safe and secure. That’s why our Fast Scanner for Android incorporates robust security measures to safeguard your data while using cloud storage integration.

We utilize advanced encryption protocols to ensure that your scanned documents are transferred and stored securely in the cloud. You can rest easy knowing that your confidential information remains protected from unauthorized access or data breaches.

Don’t let the fear of losing or misplacing important documents hinder your productivity. With our Fast Scanner for Android’s cloud storage integration, you can confidently manage and access your documents anytime, anywhere, and focus on growing your business.

Try our Fast Scanner for Android today and experience the convenience and efficiency of cloud storage integration for all your document management needs!


What is the resolution of the scanner?

The scanner has a resolution of 300 DPI, allowing you to get clear and detailed scans of your documents.

Can this scanner scan colored documents?

Yes, this scanner can scan both black and white as well as colored documents.

Is it possible to save the scanned documents in PDF format?

Yes, you can save the scanned documents in PDF format. The app has a built-in feature that allows you to convert the scanned documents into PDF files.

Does this scanner have an automatic document feeder?

No, this scanner does not have an automatic document feeder. You will need to manually feed each document into the scanner.

What is the maximum size of the documents that this scanner can scan?

This scanner can scan documents up to A4 size, which is approximately 8.3×11.7 inches.


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